HOW TO use Windows Live Writer for Blogger

Windows Live Writer is always our favourite tool at CustomBloggerTemplate to edit blog post (as you can see in this post). Here’s a step by step guide in installing and setting up Windows Live Writer for Blogger/Blogspot.

1. Download Windows Live Writer

You can find the latest Windows Live Writer download link here. Windows Live Writer is a Free blog editor tools provided by Microsoft. It makes it super easy for anyone to write stories like a professional blogger. You can create beautiful blog posts, and see what they'll look like online before you publish them to your blog.

NOTE: Windows Live Writer is shipped with Windows 7, so Win 7 users can skip to step 3.

2. Install Windows Live Writer

StepByStepWindowsLiveWriterInstallationDouble click on the downloaded installer (in step 1) and follow through the installation wizard.

We recommend you to install the Essential Packs which will install Live Writers, Movie Makers, PhotoGallery and other apps.




3. Launch Windows Live Writer


Launch Windows Live Writer from the program list.







4. Link Live Writer to Blogger account

LinkLiveWriterToBloggerOpen Blog Account Setup Window from File > Options > Accounts > Add.

Choose “Other Services” and click “Next”.

Fill in your Blogger / Blogspot account details.






Web Address: Url of your blogspot.

Username: The login’s username of your blogger account.

Password: The login’s password of your blogger account.


Click “Next” and Windows Live Writer will automatically setup the link. Choose “Yes” if you are prompt to download your Blog Theme. Windows Live Writer will attempt to download your blogger template and provide you a real preview later on when you use it to edit blog post.

5. Now, you can blog like a Pro

Using the features available on Windows Live Writer you can

  • write blog post and edit blog post as like you are using Microsoft Word.
  • add picture
  • add video
  • add map
  • edit you blog offline
  • preview of your blog post (with your current template theme)
  • add categories and tags
  • publish your post
  • schedule your post publishing
  • add photo album, emoticon, code formatting, table and so on.