Blogger Lightbox is back! This time with disable option.

BloggerLightboxIsBack_EnableDisableOptionBlogger Lightbox is back! This image slideshow feature which was enabled by default to all bloggers on Sept 20 2011 (by Blogger) was brought down by Blogger the next day (Sept 21) after the outcry from a small group of users. While most of its users welcome new updates; others remained firm on having the option to have it turn on/off based on user preference.

Now, the short-lived Lightbox is back, this time with options to enable or disable it. Kudos to Blogger who acted fast and made the changes necessary quick. Check out the this link below for announcement from Blogger and steps to enable or disable your Blogger Lightbox. Winking smile 

Blogger Lightbox Update and Steps needed to enable or disable it.