3 Free Useful Tools for Blogger

Below are the list of tools we use frequently at CustomBloggerTemplate to update our blog, edit photos and screen recordings.

1. Windows Live Writer


The coolest tool you can ever have to write blog. This tool is available for download (Yes, it’s free) at Windows Live website, it supports offline blog editing, Microsoft Office-like user interface, and what we love the most is the ease in editing hyperlinks with customize Title and Target options.

Publishing is as simple as a click of a button, tags is supported, office-like spelling check is available. On top of that, Windows Live Writer support plugins like Polaroid Picture and Code Snippet (good for programming blog). You can find out more about plug-ins here.

Note: We also use the offline copies save by this tool as a backup for our blog posts. You know, it’s always good to have backup. Winking smile


2. Paint.net

PaintNetPaint.net is an open source Photoshop-like photo editing tool. It’s available free to download at GetPaint.net. We were amazed by the built-in features - literally it’s a  “FREE Photoshop”. But what really blown us away are the plug-ins available, there are humungous! We love Shape3D and pyrochild plugins pack.

Cropping and resizing image are fairly easy. Support advance features like gradient, shape, clone, blur effects and etc. Can even open up Photoshop .psd file using plugin.

Note: We use Paint.net on our netbooks as a substitute for the resources hungry Photoshop. Winking smile


3. Camstudio

CamStudioWe use CamStudio very often to record video tutorials and later edit the video in Microsoft Windows Movie Maker. Well, we knew it’s not as good as Camtasia Studio but we just can’t afford it. So, CamStudio!

Note: Using CamStudio together with Windows Movie Maker could produce a reasonably good quality YouTube video. Winking smile




Now, what’s your favourites tools? Share it below.