Popular Money Making Bloggers ALL Have This Untold Secret Quality in Common

Have you noticed that all popular bloggers have a similar underlining quality to them? A quality that anyone and everyone can notice on some level. Even new comers to the blogosphere sense this subtlety. Many people assume what this quality is has to do with the bloggers ability to produce high quality content. Indeed, this does play a factor, but it's a small factor compared to the secret I am about to reveal...

If you can grasp this what I am about to share, even a small spark of what I am hinting at, you are half way there. It's as simple as recognizing how our society operates. Take commercials for example: Everyday there are companies that spend millions of dollars on one minute commercials. Reaching mass amounts of people is the only guarantee. Yet success doesn't really have much to do with reaching mass amounts of people. Studies show that 80% of successful products, people, and services only spend 20% of their time, energy, and income on advertising. It's not the advertising that is the secret.

Why would anyone spend millions of dollars on a commercial that does NOT offer any guarantee of not ONLY getting the millions back in sales but ALSO a profitable amount that gracefully exceeds the lump-sum? What is the secret?

The secret guarantee is locked in because they understand the core essence of peoples choices. They are well aware of this one secret: if something looks professional, slick in design, hot & sexy, and basically gives eye-candy (funny enough BlogMakeOver.net offers this exact service: Save $30 by using Code: QEWNP9).... then people trust the products, the words, the services, and advertisers behind it.

If someone looks rich, beautiful, intelligent, and successful then they are treated that way. It's all an appearance, a trick, an illusion that is designed to produce that result. Popularity is nothing but a style, fashion, and well designed important looking qualities. This is the world we live in, so of course the same in true online. Hence popular bloggers all have this one untold secret quality in common: their website is professional looking! It makes the blogger look smart, successful, and powerful. Therefore, this is the result.

This is the untold secret art to blogging for money online. If you have a blog design that looks expensive and you write about making money online, you will produce that result. Of course it is a bit more complex than that, in the same way there is a lot that goes into a commercial, but knowing this covers 50% of the process! That is how important design is to your success in blogging for money.

Think of the design of your blog as your online style and character. In our daily lives we have a certain appearance based on our personality. The appearance we have is important to us because it represents the quality of our character. In the blogosphere your blog design represents the appearance of you! Therefore, people determine what kind of person you by the appearance of your blog!

Are you beginning to see that blog design is everything! It is the most important and powerful aspect of the blogosphere and the most overlooked. You could be an extremely knowledgeable person about your blog niche, write quality content, and effectively advertise, but if your blog appearance doesn't represent quality, then your content will not hold ground.

Likewise, content can have the look and feel of having quality and yet NOT offer any foundational knowledge or substantial information because the content feels this way based on the design of the site. Most everything you can come across in the blogosphere is considered to be of quality because it looks good on some level!

There is so much to say about blog design and why it is the untold secret to making money online, but it would take a book to explain in detail what goes into this highly successful operation. However, I can guarantee you that the advertisers behind the commercials you see on television know the depth of this untold secret.

This is why companies are willing to pay millions of dollars on a simple (yet well designed) commercial and if you understand the depths of this secret, you would do the same in a heart-beat! Fortunately it doesn't cost millions of dollars to look good online. BlogMakeOver.net is extremely generous in being cost-effective compared to the service you get in return (Save $30 by using Code: QEWNP9)!

In fact, likely you will share your new site with all your friends, family, loved ones, and anyone else that will hear you because it feels good to have a good looking site AND as others see your good looking site, they will want to share it since it feels good to share something that looks good.
You see the pattern of growth? What looks good, turns into feeling good and that feeling is shared. All blog popularity and traffic growth happens in this way on some level. It can be said to stem from the influential factor of that which gives the quality of looking qualified. Have a qualified looking blog design and that design will generate growth almost automatically. This than is the untold secret to making money online: your blog design!
Thank you for reading,
~Nicholas Powiull

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