How to Set Up a Free Blog Site | A Step-By-Step Video Guide For Beginners

If you have general questions about what a blog is, what a blog does, and what the benefits are; please click on this link (link will open in new window) to take a short tour that perfectly answers these wonderful questions.

Now that we have a general idea about blogs, let's watch this short 3 minute video showing how simple it is to start your own free blog, publish your first blog post, and changing the overall look and feel of your blog...

To have a better view of the video tour, I would suggest to watch the video in full screen mode. To watch the video below in full screen, simply click on the full screen button shown in the picture below by the red highlighted area:

Please note: while the video is in full screen, if you click on the video it will pause. To unpause it simply click anywhere on the screen again.

To exit the full screen mode (if you choose to put it in fullscreen) press the "esc" (escape) button on your keyboard. It can usually be found on the top-left-hand portion of the keyboard.

Otherwise, click the play button below:

Now let's get started with your blog today! Click Here (link will open in new window) and follow the instructions in the video.

Consider bookmarking (link will open in new window) this site to refer to this post later.


~Nicholas Powiull (add him to your Google+ circle)