How to remove Blogspot Navigation Bar

Bloggers like to customize their own blog design by tweaking the HTML and CSS code or maybe you are not familiar with any CSS coding ever. Have you ever thought that “My template is so pretty, but I don’t want the blogger navigation bar show on the top of the page, it just ruin my design” ?

Blogger's Top Navigation Bar
Today we’re going to teach you a simple technique to remove (Not really remove since you can’t do that on Blogger, but you could hide it) the blogger top navigation bar.

Step 1
First, from the control panel, go to ‘Design’ -> ‘Edit HTML’.

Design link in Control Panel

Edit HTML option in Edit Template page

Step 2
Copy and paste the following code into the template, the code should be placed after <head>  and before </head>, or the best place you could place is finding body{ ... } and paste above it just as shown in the picture below, then click ‘save template’.
#navbar {
height: 0px;
visibility: hidden;
display: none;

Paste the code inside the template.

Voila! Go and view your blog now, you will now have hide the top navigation bar from your template!